Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery encompasses the surgical aspects of dentistry- from extractions to implants.

While simple extractions are undertaken at most dentists, more complex cases are normally carried out by a dentist with further training in this specialty. James, our Oral Surgeon, is extremely experienced and currently performs in excess of 400 surgeries a year in hospital settings. He is happy to accept referrals from your own dentist as well as within the practice.

It is important to never attempt to remove your own tooth as you may not be sucessful and may make the pain worse. You can also damage your other teeth irreversibly.


If it is no longer possible to save your tooth you may need it removed. We can do this in a relaxing calm manner, which is often painless.


Implans can permanently replace gaps in your smile leading helping improve your cofidence in smiling & chewing.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth often come through between the age of 18-25 uneventfully and do not need to be removed. Unfortunately this is not always the case. If you need to have them removed our experienced oral surgeon, James, will guide you through your options.


If your tooth has been crowned or bridged it is often difficult to reaccess the root canal system, in these cases a apicectomy may be appropriate.

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Wisdom Teeth

The main reason you may need to see an Oral Surgeon is for impacted wisdom teeth. While the majority of wisdom teeth erupt into the mouth uneventfully between the ages of 18-25 this is not always the case.

Sometimes wisdom teeth do not have suffiecient room to erupt fully, these are called impacted. Impacted teeth can sometimes lead to painful infections as well as food packing, which in turn can lead to decay. Sometimes this decay is in the adjacent tooth.

Lower wisdom teeth lie in close proximity to a nerve that supplies sensation to your lower lip, chin and teeth (Inferior Dental Nerve) as well as a nerve that supplies sensation to your tongue.

It is important that you always check your dentist is experienced in the procedure you need.

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